Zyair Ayanna

Originally from Kansas City, Kansas, Zyair is a recent graduate of Michigan State University now living in Los Angeles and pursuing various opportunities in acting and modeling while developing a strong social media presence and completing tracks for her debut solo album.

While at Michigan State, she appeared in numerous Roeper Theater productions including Fame, A Chorus Line and The Wizard of Oz.

She has recently released her debut music video entitled Treat Me Right.

“The Dominos are all seasoned pros who read music, chart out pretty much every note of the show and are looking for nothing less than flawless execution. The audition could have been, probably should have been, very stressful but for some reason I felt at comfortable, got off to a good start and was able to pick up quickly on their vocal arrangements.” — Zyair Ayanna

“Zyair has worked diligently and been able to absorb a lot of challenging material in a very brief period of time. She obviously has a great ear but beyond the technical side, she brings a cheerful, positive, happy-to-be-here vibe to both rehearsals and gigs. She is truly a pleasure to work with.” — Randell Young